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Aarhus Geophysics are happy to invite you to attend our upcoming talks at EAGE Nearsurface in Porto, which will take place between September 8 and September 12  

Dr. Vlad Kaminski will present on Monday 10th September at 11:50, the Sunnyside deposit case-study in the "Best of ENGGEO" session (awarded talks presented at the Kazahstan EAGE Conference in April) 

Arianna Rapiti will talk on Tuesday 11th September at 9:20, at the "Airborne Geophysics - Environmental Geophysics, Pollution and Geohazard Studies" session with an oral paper titled: "Geological modeling implications - Different inversion strategies from AEM data" 

There will be an opportunity to appraise our steps in comparing different AEM systems and different ways of inverting data, hence to get an updated view of our capabilities in advanced processing.